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PICNIC, the urban and sustainable innovation

Make modular architecture as easy as a PICNIC!

Building modular and mobile micro architectures to create new experiences with your audience!

The PICNIC Kiosk is mobile, energy self-sufficient and modular. It is quick to set up as closely as possible to the audience.
Ecologically designed and manufactured in France, the Kiosk is available in 3 formats. It adapts to the needs of each client and to the uses of its public. 
The Kiosk reinvents itself according to your outdoor and indoor events as popup stores, sales booths, street furniture, stalls…

Our kiosks are ready to use, short or long term to rent or to buy.

Uses of PICNIC Kiosks for your business

The 3 PICNIC Kiosks Designs

The PICNIC Kiosk is available in 3 different versions, M, L and XL, that adapts to your needs. They are available for short and long term rental, as well as for sale.



Dimensions : 5m² interior – 27m² deployed
Capacity : 4 people
Mobility : Driving licence
Autonomy : 5,2kW



Dimensions : 10m² interior – 42m² deployed
Capacity : 6 people
Autonomy : 5,2kW



Dimensions : Up to 25m²
Capacity : Up to 15 people + technical room / storage
Autonomy : Central energy battery (21kWh)
Reversible heat pump

PICNIC Kiosks Assets

Mobility : easy to tow on chassis with a light vehicle

Solar and wind-powered, off-grid and self-sustaining

Quick installation in minutes, with no assembly or disassembly

Modular and customisable (indoor and outdoor)

Eco-designed and Made in France,with eco-friendly materials

Wired and equipped

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